Monday, January 12, 2009

Fabulous Vintage Hats For Sale!

I am a collector. That means I have too much stuff.

OK, I don't collect little ceramic animals, or large mixing bowls, or real animals, or tvs, but even though they are all vintage treasures (to me, used stuff to my MIL), it is still stuff. I always have a plan to use the things when I buy or find them, but we all know that our ideas are better than what we actually get around to doing.

What brought this on? OK, don't laugh, but I was at an estate sale this weekend, and I started worrying that I would be one of those women who couldn't get rid of anything and ended-up living like the former occupant of this house. I go to LOTS of estate sales, but this was just stunning.

I literally walked into the house and stopped in my tracks with my mouth hanging open. I could not imagine how all this stuff fit in this house, which was 4,000 square feet!

I asked where the basement was, as I find most of my goodies digging thru boxes down there, and I was told to come back in 2 weeks. They hadn't gotten down there to unpack yet, as there were close to 1,000 boxes down there. What?!?!

There were multiple large styrofoam coolers in the garage full of vintage kids' clothes. 2 rooms upstairs were FULL of fabric. 1 room had almost exclusively yarn and tacky needlepoint kits and cheap crochet forms. A drawer in the family room had over 58 (stopped counting) pillar candles, all used. 8 boxes of inexpensive china teasets in the boxes. 7 sets of chipped china. Hundreds of forks. A drawer of rulers. Hundreds of packages of seam-binding. Boxes of mostly used gift-wrap. More paperbacks than you could ever count. 7 or 8 boxes full of picture frames.

OK, I'm not there yet. I probably never will be either. I did start thinking about how, if I died tomorrow, would my husband and kids have to go through all that stuff in my studio (that I can barely use bc of everything in there)? Why hold onto so much?!

I admit, if it were the middle of the summer, this wouldn't even be an issue, but it is the middle of this truely awful Michigan winter, and I spend a lot of time cooped-up in my house. Time for some early spring cleaning.

I used to be a milliner, and probably will be again, and I have collected some amazing and beautiful vintage designer hats. I went through them, and I am keeping a few, but I have just listed 10 of them on eBay. Click here if you'd like to see all of the auctions.

I will be listing packs of ephemera, vintage photos, vintage jewelry, vintage game boards, and lots more, in my Etsy and Lollishop shops. After all, I will need more room for the goodies I will find in that basement in 2 weeks!

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