Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ok, Here We Go

Whoo hooo! My first blog... I guess I am a bit behind, showing my intimidation of all things electronic. Artists now have to be computer savvy, too, so here we go.

MLou Is Pink what I call my altered art business. I used to be a milliner (hat-maker) and M'Lou was my label. Then I had a store called M'Lou Millinery that was pink, so that's where the name came from. I don't have the store anymore, but I still have the name. I either believe in consistency or am too lazy to change it.

I have always been crazy about books and paper, and I love to make books. I used to want to be a writer, but then I realized that I actually wanted to make the books. I make other things with paper, too, but I will always love books. One of the first altered books that I submitted to Somerset Studio Magazine was published in one of their Gallery issues, accompanied by a how-to article that I wrote. (Hey! I am a writer after all!) That was over a year ago, and one of my goals is to consistently submit for publication. That was a goal suggested to me by a friend of mine, Melanie, who makes these amazing ceramic beads that you can see at www.earthenwoodstudio.com . That should put some structure in my creativity! I sure need some... I am always getting distracted by a new idea.

Anyway, I sell lots and lots of goodies and trinkets and ephemera for others who are interested in altered art, so checkout www.mlouispink.etsy.com , and maybe you'll also find some things that I've actually made, too.

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